Three Tips For Using LinkedIn During Your Job Search

How can you utilize your LinkedIn to its full potential? How can you make sure that you are allowing yourself to stand out among the crowd of other soon-to-be graduates who are all looking for the same job you are? First, let’s look at some statistics about LinkedIn from a 2014 article on Digital Marketing Ramblings.

  • As of October 2013 there are 84 million LinkedIn users in the US.
  • 3 million businesses have a page on LinkedIn.
  • 200 countries and territories are represented on LinkedIn.
  • There are 2 new LinkedIn users per second.

But the most relevant stat to this post is:

  • Percentage of recruiters who use LinkedIn to vet candidates: 94%.

So now, if you’re anything like me, you are concerned about how to make yourself stand out and showcase everything you know about the field you’re going into.

Can you utilize the professional portfolio tool?

This tool allows you to add depth to your profile by giving a visual component to your list of skills and accomplishments. Putting examples of your work, whether it’s blog posts, photos, or presentations, will give you credibility and allow employers looking at your easy access to the work you’re proud to show off.

More on how to set up your portfolio here.

What should your headline read? 

Your headline is the first thing that someone sees when they look at your profile. LinkedIn will automatically make your headline read your current position and the company that you work for, but many people don’t realize that they can change their headline. It should tell the employer why they should click on your profile. Are you a self-starting social media guru with the proven ability to generate sales leads? Tell them that! How about an mechanical engineer who has assisted in designing and developing medical tools? Brag about it! Your headline should be representative of your character and your abilities in a single sentence.

Here are some examples and more tips and tricks about crafting the perfect headline.

Are you using the best keywords to make sure that employers can find you?

A lot of employers will search through LinkedIn looking for passive candidates that have a certain skill set. But how will they know if you have those skills and experiences they’re looking for? Make sure you use the correct terminology that will be registered by the programs developed to comb through potential employees. Use the same keywords throughout your profile to present a unified “brand” of yourself. Make sure you mention strong words or phrases such as “social media”, “mechanical engineer”, or other defining characteristics of your work in both your current and past work experience to guarantee you’ll show up.

This video explains how the keyword search on LinkedIn works.

Doing your research and knowing the current trends on LinkedIn will help you be visible to employers and recruiters.


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